This is just a quick webpage I have thrown up to let you know just what UserRC is. In good time I will replace it with a proper web page, but I haven't got time right now.

UserRC is a little startup program which is to rcNG what suexec is to Apache. It simply runs at bootup or shutdown on a (typically FreeBSD but anything that uses rcNG should work) server and checks people's home directories for an rc.d directory.

These directories are parsed for scripts to run, but they must meet certain critera before they are started. There critera are:

The system then forks a fresh process, switches to the userid of the owner, and runs the script with normal rcNG parametrers.

And that's about it.

It is ideal for those servers that allow users to run their own daemons (talker/mud servers for example) so that after a reboot all the user's daemons start up again.

Click here for the Sourceforge project page.

-- Matt